Where are the best locations in St. John’s for outdoor and indoor wedding photos? Where can you go in the event of rain (or snow)? Well we made a list of the best spots and we’re sharing it with everyone!

Outdoor photo locations in St. John’s

The most popular locations for family photos are Bowring Park, Bannerman Park, and Quidi Vidi. These areas can be crowded at popular times (ex. a Saturday in July at 3pm) and parking can be a challenge. The grounds at the Lieutenant Governor House across from Bannerman Park is also a popular location, but requires your time slot to be pre-booked (there’s no fee, however).


Bowring Park
Bannerman Park
Lieutenant Governor House
Quidi Vidi
Middle Cove Beach
Signal Hill
Ocean Science Centre in Logy Bay
South Side Hills in St. John’s
Fort Amherst (South Side Hills)
Downtown St. John’s (colorful houses)
George Street
Cuckolds Cove Trail (near Quidi Vidi)
Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre (CBS)

Backup rain locations in St. John’s

For the formals, have a backup location if the weather looks like it’s not going to cooperate. We highly recommend booking (and paying) for a venue as opposed to a free option. If you pay to book out a venue, you know you’ll be the only wedding party there.

Fee-paying Indoor Options

Winter Home (near Bannerman Park, ~$400/3h)
The Newman Wine Vaults (~$3/person, downtown St. John’s)
The Underbelly (the basement of The Yellowbelly)
Admiralty House in Mt. Pearl (~$150 for 3 hours)
Waterford Manor (West-end, St. John’s)
The Rocket Room (~$75/hr)
The Sheraton Hotel (downtown St. John’s)
Johnson Geo Centre (near Signal Hill)
Newfoundland Railway Museum (downtown St. John’s)
Masonic Temple (downtown St. John’s)
Leaside Manor Heritage Inn (downtown St. John’s)
Park House Inn (downtown St. John’s)
Everton House (downtown St. John’s)

Free indoor options include:

Inco Building at Memorial University
The Rooms (no live flowers, need to book 1 week in advance, 30min limit)
Faculty of Medicine building at MUN
The Arts & Culture Centre
George Street (your favorite bar)
Quidi Vidi Plantation
Quidi Vidi Brewery
The Keg (downtown St. John’s)
Your ceremony venue

Themed Indoor Location Ideas for the B&G:

Theater (Empire or Mt. Pearl Square)
Classroom (MUN)
Favoriate café
Cabot Tower (Signal Hill)
Cape Spear Lighthouse

Outdoor Options (if it’s kind-of misty):

Bannerman Park Bandstand
Bowring Park Bungalow
Pippy Park Fluvarium
Bowring Park Greenhouse (fee)
MUN Botanical Gardens (fee)
Quidi Vidi Plantation