Wedding Formals – Shot List

Use the following list as a guide to develop your formals shot list. This examples below should get you about 90% of the way there. The layout can be altered to accommodate anyone with mobility issues or young kids. Using your wedding guest list will help when formulating this, too.

You can draft your wedding formals shot list in Word, Excel, PDF, Google Doc, or any other format and email it to me (

It’s usually easier to photograph family formals in parks, or areas with a lot of tree cover in since they’re shaded and sheltered from the wind (to some extent). Ocean side family formals are a rarity in Newfoundland. While I can work around the wind with the bride and groom, it’s difficult when you’re dealing larger groups (think squinting, hair blowing all over the place, etc.). This is why I recommend you to pick a location with lots of parking and open spaces (Government House, Bannerman Park, Bowring Park, Pippy Park, etc.).

More location information can be found here: 


The sample list below would take about 50-60 minutes

Names of family members are very helpful!! 

Also their relationship if that’s sensitive or contentious (ex. mom and dad are devorsed and don’t speak, sister just started dating someone and it would be awkward not to get a photo with them, etc.) 

Photos of other relatives and friends can be taken during the reception. Just add a new section called “Reception photos”. It’s hard to wrangle these, and time is usually very tight, so no guarantees.


Family Formals (Example)

Groom’s side
Groom + Mom
Groom + Dad
Groom + Mom & Dad
B&G + Groom’s parents
B&G + Groom’s immediate family
B&G + Groom’s immediate family + Groom’s grandparents
B&G + Groom’s grandparents
B&G + Groom’s parents + Bride’s parents

Bride’s side
Bride + Mom
Bride + Dad
Bride + Mom & Dad
B&G + Bride’s parents
B&G + Bride’s immediate family
B&G + Bride’s immediate family + Bride’s grandparents
B&G + Bride’s grandparents

Bridal Party (Example)

Groom + Groomsmen
Bride + Bridesmaids
B&G + Bridal party
Bride + each bridesmaid
Groom + each groomsman