Quidi Vidi for Wedding and Engagement Photos

Quidi Vidi Landscape Wedding Engagement Photo Session

The classic view of Quidi Vidi in St. John’s, Newfoundland. It’s easy to see why so many of our clients want their engagement sessions and wedding formals taken at this very location. Over the past few years, this area has become much more “wedding friendly” with the rebuilding of the Quidi Vidi Plantation, the addition of more parking spaces, and expansion of some of the famous fishing stages that hover the water. There’s a reason why Quidi Vidi holds 4 of the top 20 spots for “Things to Do in St. John’s” according to Trip Advisor.

The colors are wonderful, regardless of the season. The lighting is favorable for taking photos, no matter what time of day (there’s always some open shade around) and the people living in the area are friendly and inviting.

The only tricky thing about Quidi Vidi is because it’s such a nice location, it’s also quite busy on Saturday afternoons in the spring, summer and fall. It’s not an odd occurrence to see a half-dozen wedding parties having their photos taken all at the same time, and all within 100ft of each other. And between wedding groups, tourists, a new restaurant, an iconic brewery and boats tours, parking in during the peak times can be quite challenging. Budget your travel time accordingly and plan your parking spots in advance and you’ll be fine!

For those looking for wedding reception venues within Quidi Vidi, currently, the Quidi Vidi Brewery is your only option. It’s a little on the small side (I believe it holds about 90 people max), but the atmosphere is great and the views from inside are fantastic. We recently photographed a winter wedding and reception at the Quidi Vidi Brewery – check out Morgan and Ben’s day here.

This photo is by no means all this area has to offer. If you keep going further past the brewery, you’ll be greeted by some truly rugged landscapes, literally on the doorstep of the Atlantic Ocean. For couples who want to adventure out there, bring a change of shoes as you’ll be scaling a few rocks. And further right of this photo is the popular Cuckold’s Cove trail with views of Cape Spear, rolling hills, the Atlantic Ocean, and every now-and-then during the spring, a few icebergs, too. There’s lots of variety all within a small radius.

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Just past the battery at Quidi Vidi. Bring your hikers if you want to come here!
Quidi Vidi at dusk. Just off the East Coast Trail.