Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Wedding Images

Image Backup

This wedding gallery should not be considered your backup.

Your wedding gallery will be active for 12 months, and it is your responsibility to have adequate backups in place.

At a minimum, I recommend three backups:

Online (x1)
Google Drive (Google)
OneDrive (Microsoft)
iCloud (Apple)
Amazon Cloud Drive

Physical media (x2)
SD card (we recommend Sandisk, Sony or Samsung brands)
Solid State Hard Drive
 (we recommend Samsung)
USB (we recommend SanDisk)
Portable 2.5” spinning hard drive (we recommend Western Digital)
3.5” spinning hard drive (we recommend Western Digital)

Social Media

We love sharing the work we’ve done for our couples. And we appreciate when clients show us some love when they post their images to Facebook or Instagram!

So make sure to tag @ZachWheelerPhotography when you post to Facebook and @ZachWheeler when you post to Instagram. It helps a lot in promoting and growing our business!

Image Delivery

All images have been exported at a standard 2×3 ratio for prints sized 4×6, 12×16, 24×36, etc in a standard JPEG format. For prints sized 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, etc., cropping will be required. For my personal photos, I just use the cropping tool that the lab provides and have never had any problems.

If you require any special cropping or exporting settings (.png, .TIFF, etc.), please email me at zach@zachwheeler.ca

Your Gallery

Your gallery will remain active for 12 months.

You can share the gallery link with whomever. A lot of our clients add the gallery link to their Thank You cards so their guests can view and/or print their favorite wedding images.

Two Important Printing Tips

Opt out of any color correcting service offered by the lab. All your images are edited on a professional, color calibrated monitor and are “print ready”. Your images do no need to be corrected by the lab. Color correction by the lab will degrade the image quality.

Before making a large order, do a few test prints in 4×6 or 8×10 sizes just to confirm everything is looking good (paper quality, image sharpness, image colors, etc.). If you have any concerns, your lab should be the first point of contact.


Prints & Albums Lab Recommendations 

When choosing a company to purchase a book or album from, make sure they have a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) album builder. It makes designing layouts very easy and quick; it’s basically just a drag and drop – uploaded your favorite images, drop them on a template!

Album pricing can vary widely; a high end 11×14 leather bound album with 50 pages can run around $600 Canadian (or more!) while a 30 page press-printed book from Costco is about $30.

In short, you get what you pay for with albums. Sizes, paper quality, cover materials, etc. are just a few things to consider when comparing pricing. I personally have printed several albums from Costco (~$50) and Shutterfly (~$75) and they’re totally suitable! But there is a clear difference between those and a $500 album from White House Custom Color (for example).

Album Tips (just my opinion)

Start on the cheaper end and then see if you even need to “upgrade”
Bigger books make a bigger impact. I’d go for at least 12″ on the wide end
30 pages is a good number to strive for
No more than 4 images per page
Always opt for premium paper when ordering albums
Don’t worry too much about cover materials or colors

PRINTS & CANVAS (St. John’s)

Newfoundland Canvas (high end)
Costco (mid-range, good value)

FRAMING (St. John’s)

Winners (personal favorite for smaller frames)
Newfoundland Canvas (high end, custom work)
Costco (mid-range)


ALBUMS (online)

White House Custom Color (mid/high end, US based)
AdoramaPix Hudson Albums (mid/high end, US based)
Artifact Uprising (mid/high end, US based)
Blurb.ca (mid-range)
Shutterfly (low-mid range)
Costco (low-mid range)
MixBook (low-mid range)