There’s no doubt you’ve seen our work throughout the year. And what a year it was! We had the privilege of working with so many amazing couples and clients in what was our busiest year thus far. But what about our clients? What did it look like having us photograph their wedding day or photo session? Here’s a sampling of what our client’s saw in 2015.

Allie checking the light in downtown, St. John’s during an engagement session. The brightest spots are oftentimes the most interesting.

IMG_0114But dem gunz doe!

Wedding-Photographers-in-StJohnsIf you take a picture of me, I’ll take a picture of you!!  I think the Groom did a great job! But please don’t drop my camera. Please don’t drop my camera. Please don’t drop my camera.

StJohns-Wedding-Photographer-4When it comes to backgrounds, we do whatever it takes to make it look just right…even if it means rearranging an entire room and looking a little foolish.

11057976_10153102931171022_3193872427381595806_oSometimes I have the posture of a 80 year old man.

Assistant-Wedding-Photographer-AllieUsing Allie to check the light. If you’ve ever done a session with us, you know we do this about a hundred times. We do this so much I feel like we need an acronym….UATCTL: Using Allie to Check the Light. Hmmm, doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

From, well, whatever you want to call that pose on the left, to planning our next location on the right.From, well, whatever you want to call that pose on the left, to planning our next location on the right and getting distracted by the new bling.

IMG_1598While you’re mingling after the meal, we’re taking working on getting the first dance light right #UATCTL

StJohns-Wedding-Photographer-3Can’t blame anyone for wanting a photo with Assistant Allie! I think they’re excited that the Ziggies arrived. Ziggies = epic wedding meal.

Wedding-Photographers-StJohns-CanadaOld ladies love me. She just wanted a smooch.

Untitled-2A little unknown add-on we offer: Boutonniere Pinning. Summer 2016 wedding special for only $99

Nomi-Andrew-Granite-Wedding-StJohns-88We love these little film cameras for guest books. We try to write a note for every wedding we photograph. As you can tell, Allie writes the notes as my handwriting is totally illegible.

IMG_0011x2We love getting shoutouts like this! A great evening at Raymonds in St. John’s.

IMG_6387Sometimes the things we do to get that photo are downright criminal.

Wedding-Photographers-in-StJohns-NewfoundlandAnd sometimes we need to show our clients exactly what the heck we’re trying to get them to do!