And just like that, we’re married!

Well, we made it! After months of planning and focusing on more details than I ever imagined possible, Allie and I were married in St. Phillips on November 1st. That’s right, folks, the long-awaited W Wedding (Wheeler~Winter) is now a pleasant memory. And as odd as this might sound considering I’m in the wedding photography business myself, the importance of photographs … of capturing and preserving those once-in-a-lifetime memories, really hit home after my own walk down the aisle. But back to the wedding….

The day was an absolutely amazing, even if it did rain the entire time. Luckily we planned ahead and booked Winterholme in St. John’s for the formal photos. In addition to being a stunning venue with National Historic Site designation, Winterholme holds special significance to Allie’s family as it once belonged to her Great Grandfather many years ago.

You’ll notice in one of the images below, I just had to take a snap of my beautiful bride as she walked down the aisle at the church. It made for a funny moment, and a pretty cool photo. The minister, who was also Allie’s Aunt, mentioned that it was the first time in her 40 years of conducting marriage ceremonies that she had ever seen the groom take out a camera, but come on, how could I not?

Throughout the past year, everyone has been asking us, “Who’s your photographer?” We chose Chris Boyd, who’s done work for the Discovery Channel (among other outlets) and AJ Smith as his second photographer. Both were nothing short of fantastic; I can’t imagine it being easy to photograph another wedding photographers’ wedding, but both were excellent and we’re very pleased with how our wedding photos turned out. Thanks again to you both.

Other shout-outs to vendors that we want to thank (in no particular order)

DJ – Jeremy Snow (lightening fast on emails)
Reception Venue – Murray’s Pond (hardest working group of people out there)
Cake and cupcakes – Sugar Mamas (best-bang-for-your-buck bakery on the Avalon)

We now have hundreds of photos to go through, print, and incorporate into a nice wedding album. Plus, we’re looking forward to getting some tangible products to hang in our home.

The last thing we want is for these images to simply sit on a hard drive, never to be seen.

Thanks for reading! Now on to the pictures!

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