I guess I should start this by saying this section is not intended to be a list of all the photos you want on the wedding day; so no Pinterest lists, please! We’re only focusing on family formals and bridal party images.

Use the following list as a guide to develop your family formal shot list. This examples below should get you about 90% of the way there. The layout can be altered to accommodate anyone with mobility issues or young kids. Using your wedding guest list will help when formulating this, too.

Be aware that after a certain point, parking and space constraints at popular locations, like Quidi Vidi, come into play. Which is partly why we try and limit the number of groupings and tend to pick a location with lots of parking and open spaces (ex. Bannerman or Bowring Park). And note that we’d be more than happy to grab photos of you and other’s (friends, aunts and uncles, etc.) during the reception.

More location information can be found here: http://zachwheeler.ca/the-best-locations-in-st-johns-for-photos/ 

As a general rule, budget 2min per photo. This sample list would take about 45min, depending on numbers and assuming one location. 

Family Formals (Example)

B&G + Groom’s parents
B&G + Groom’s immediate family
B&G + Groom’s immediate family + Groom’s grandparents
B&G + Groom’s grandparents
B&G + Groom’s parents + Bride’s parents
B&G + Bride’s parents
B&G + Bride’s immediate family
B&G + Bride’s immediate family + Bride’s grandparents
B&G + Bride’s grandparents

Bridal Party (Example)

Groom + Groomsmen
Bride + Bridesmaids
B&G + Bridal party
Bride + each bridesmaid
Groom + each groomsmen

Shotlist Form