As a wedding photographer based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, attending advanced workshops on the topic of wedding photography, locally, is very rare. And traveling out of province or country can be quite expensive, not to mention, unreliable with all that fog!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Jennifer Moher  or Hugh Whitaker were prior to hearing about the Refresh Newfoundland workshop or what exactly would be discussed during the class. And with an 8k road race at 8am that morning, as well as Allie’s birthday that day (making it the 3rd year in a row I’d be doing something wedding related on her b-day! sorry, worst husband!) this workshop would have to be something special! But after looking though Jennifer and Hugh’s work and reading reviews from previous Refresh workshop attendees, I knew I needed to attend. It also didn’t hurt that my fellow classmates included the likes of Sandra Lee, Maria Hillier or JP Mullowney – with a background in post-secondary education, I know how much attendees contribute toward the discussions, and this was evident during the class.

As you can imagine, given the title of the workshop, Refresh was all about showing us new ways of not only approaching the wedding day, but also tips on branding and awareness, client interaction and the value of portfolio reviews.

Biggest lessons:

Posing – Focusing much less on “pose 1, *click*, post 2, *click*” and instead focusing much more on “you guys do this” and working within that scene. This simplified approach really frees you up to interact with your clients more since you’re not having to spend time adjusting micro details.

Finding new inspiration – Looking less at what others in the wedding industry are doing and finding sources of inspiration from movies, photographers from the 1920s and painters and their use of composition.

Social Media – Much of my use of Instagram has been personal photos taken on my aging iPhone 4S (this thing is so slow!) and the occasional behind the scenes photo from a wedding or engagement session. But Jennifer and Hugh showed just how powerful this app can be for wedding photographers as a way to showcase your personality and work using things like hashtags and tagging.

Documentary style wedding photography – While I’ve begun to make this move towards this style of wedding photography, Jennifer and Hugh really sold me on how powerful it can be. Like above, it’s less focus on posing and Pinterest boards, and more on capturing emotions and the story of the day for my clients.

Jennifer and Hugh, many many thanks for making the journey to St. John’s,


Oh, and here are some of my favourites from the workshop!

Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-1 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-2 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-3 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-4 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-5 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-6 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-7 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-8 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-9 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-10 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-11 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-12 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-13 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-14 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-15 Refresh Worksop Newfoundland-16

And the group shot! (Courtesy of the fantastic models)