I’m back from a full week in Jamaica, where I shot a destination wedding. Yes, I know, it’s a tough gig, but hey, someone’s gotta do it! Seriously though, it was a pleasure meeting, photographing and partying with Ashley and Rod.  What a great couple!

The morning of the wedding day was pretty relaxed, and set the tone for what was to come. The first order of business was photographing the girls getting their hair and makeup done, and, of course, staying hydrated in the Caribbean heat 🙂



After lunch the photography sessions continued with the bridal party, groomsmen, and the all-important family portraits. Then it was off to the chosen location for the 3pm wedding ceremony. Keep in mind that up until this point in the trip it had rained every day around 3pm for an hour or so.  But today (miraculously) nature cut Ashley and Rod a break: magnificent blue skies and a light ocean breeze to cool everything down. All in all, perfect conditions to match an already perfect day.





The reception was held back at the resort in the most amazing semi-outdoor venue.


The day after the wedding we had scheduled to shoot a trash-the-dress session at sunset; however, the sky opened up (as in, major tropical downpour) and we decided to postpone until the following day. This provided me with time to review all the photographs taken on Ashley and Rod’s wedding day; basically, to delete any out-of-focus images and “blinkys”, ensuring that all my photo storage was devoted to stellar shots only.

Thankfully the weather cooperated the next day and I was able to capture some creative moments with the bride and groom. One of things about the sunsets in Jamaica is that they seem to last forever – unlike in St. John’s, where the sun seems to disappear rather quickly. Maybe this was just my imagination. Or maybe I was caught up in the magic of the moment, too.  Wedding bells and sandy beaches have a way of doing that!



On the way back to St. John’s, I spent time culling through 4 CF cards worth of images. Happy memories!