Alicia and Paul are getting married in the Dominican. Destination weddings are so popular among us living here in Newfoundland and it’s easy to see why; the weather, the great party, the story.

But for Alicia and Paul, they wanted their engagement session to showcase the Newfoundland landscape. And what better place to do that than off the East Coast Trail in Torbay. With a little big of fog, and a little bit of sun, it was a session with a little bit of everything!

Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-10Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-1 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-2 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-3 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-4 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-5 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-6 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-7 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-8 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-9Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-11 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-12 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-13 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-14 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-15 Alicia-Paul-StJohns-Engagement-16