Zach Wheeler // Photographer

Hi! I am a Newfoundland based wedding and landscape photographer located in North America’s oldest city, St. John’s. When I’m not training for the Tely 10 or doing one of the endless renos on my home (it never ends!), you can find me with a camera in my hand; either photographing the rugged Atlantic coastline or documenting once-in-a-lifetime events.

My work has been featured in marketing brochures for Raymonds, Merchant Tavern and the Yellow Bely, landscape artwork in the House of Commons, and websites such as Looks Like Film, The Knot and Junebug Weddings.


More about me

+ Started in 2005 as a videographer for varsity sports
+ Booked my first wedding ever on April fools
+ Once did a 17 hour wedding
+ Once did a wedding so small I was the groom’s witness
+ I’ll have a cooler full of food and Gatorade on your wedding day (I get hungry)
+ I only get nervous during the processional
+ I spend way too much on gym clothes
+ Favorite food: Sushi
+ Favorite drink: Redeye at Starbucks



Allie has been assisting me with weddings and engagements since 2012. We’re expecting our first child in November 2017; and because of this, some changes will be happening at Zach Wheeler Photography. We don’t really know how it’s all going to shake out in 2018 but we know for certain we’ll be scaling back our bookings and only taking on small-ish weddings.

Allie will most likely not be assisting me for engagements and weddings in 2018. I will however have an assistant with me for a portion of the wedding day to help with lighting, family formals, posing, etc. There’s no additional cost to clients for this. I’m also offering two different second shooter options “at cost” for couples who want a second shooter for their day. But for smaller weddings, a second shooter isn’t always necessary.

I have exciting changes planned for 2018 and I can’t wait to share the results from the wedding workshops I’m taking in over the winter.


General Info
Wedding FAQs
Image FAQs
Where are you based?

Zach is a St. John's Newfoundland wedding photographer based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and is available for work province-wide.

Will you post my images online?

Yes!! I love posting on our Facebook page, Instagram and website. I love sharing the work I create for clients. And it's one way that helps us grow this business.

What's your style?

I believe that the best way to gauge my photography style is through the consistent images I produce and not just with a “best of” gallery. You can find examples of my wedding and portrait work on my blog (www.zachwheeler.ca/featured-work/)

What type of equipment do you use?

I use Canon professional series camera bodies, lenses and flashes. All my “glass” is f/2.8 or faster. I also carry light stands, additional batteries and memory cards, a tripod, light modifiers, white balance cards, wireless flash remotes, etc. and use these as needed throughout the day.

What can we expect to pay for wedding photography coverage?

Prices start at $2200 for wedding coverage. The typical client spends around $3000. I also offer elopement packages for smaller events and last minute weddings. For a more detailed brochure, please contact!

Oh, and pricing is inclusive, which means the price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees. No math required.

How and when do we receive our photos?

You will receive between 500-800 edited (depending on coverage), high resolution images via a digital download. A good average to go on is ~60 delivered images per hour of coverage.

How many photographers are attending our wedding?

I generally work by myself, but a second professional photographer is possible for every wedding. I do recommend it for larger scale weddings.

I would like you to shoot my wedding, how do I start the process?

Bookings are on a first-come first-serve basis and require a deposit to book your wedding day. After that, you can cross find a photographer off your growing to-do list and devote your attention to a million other details! Please note that the summer months (June through September) are quite busy. If you are getting married in 2018 and are interested in having me photograph your engagement or wedding, you are encouraged to contact us early to reserve your date!

How much time should I set aside for family and portrait photos on my wedding day?

This depends on how large the wedding is. I usually request at least an hour and a half to photograph the bride and groom, bridal party and assorted family shots. I don’t want you to feel rushed on your wedding day; ensuring a bit of built-in wiggle room (time-wise) goes a long way in keeping everyone relaxed and happy. Having an assistant (a second set of eyes, hands and ears) helps with this process, too (thanks, Allie!). As always throughout the day, I will blend portraiture with detail shots, and focus on capturing those spontaneous joy-filled moments that bring memories flooding back.

Will you make us do the "jumping shot"?

No, never haha

How long do you store the digital files?

I cannot guarantee the backup on your wedding images on my side forever, even though I do have an extensive backup procedure (you can read more about it here). You are strongly encouraged (required, really haha) to have multiple backups of your wedding images. I recommend at a minimum you perform a complete backup through 1.) online storage 2.) on an off-site hard drive (family’s house or at work) and 3.) on your main computer.

So let me get this straight, we don’t have to pay extra for the digital images? We don’t have to buy prints directly from you?

That’s correct. There’s no additional charge for the digital images in any of our wedding packages. You are free to print as many photos in whatever sizes you’d like, wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like. I even provide the print release form! Photos are full resolution in JPEG format and are in the standard digital format of a 2×3 ratio.

Are our images ready yet?!

Hey, we’ve been there ourselves. The day after our wedding, myself and Allie couldn’t wait to see the photos. And waiting to see even a sneak peek felt like forever! Between backups, culling, editing, and looking at the final delivery with fresh eyes, we typically do a 6 week turn-around – which is actually really fast compared to other photographers.

Do you use Photoshop?

We edit all deliverable images for color, contrast and clarity. However, we do not “Photoshop” images, nor do with perform skin retouching or body alterations. If you’d like to have select images Photoshoped we strongly recommend you hire a professional digital image retoucher. The cost can vary, but a rough estimate would be $15-$40 per image, depending on the type of work requested and the skill level of the retoucher. We’re more than happy to provide recommendations.

Do you shoot in RAW? Do you shoot black and white?

I only shoot RAW to ensure you get the best quality images. All images are delivered in color but I do process select images in black and white as well (hey, sometimes they just look better in black and white).

You can learn more about your photos here: http://zachwheeler.ca/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-your-wedding-images/